Jim Fergus

jim_fergusIn September, I had a wonderful welcome at the bookstore, Les Mots en Marge, in La Garenne-Colombes.

This is exactly the kind of bookstore that I adore, both as a reader and as a writer–warm, intimate, friendly, staffed by knowledgeable people, and owned by a lovely woman, Nathalie Iris, who is utterly passionate about literature.

In attendance at my reading were a number of loyal customers from the village, both men and women, who asked perceptive questions, laughed at my bad jokes, were gracious about my poor French, and made me feel quite at home.

Indeed, my event seemed less like a book signing and reading than it did a gathering of friends at someone’s house. Thank you for a lovely experience.

I hope to be invited back to Les Mots en Marge one day, and to see all of you again soon.

Jim Fergus